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Cake and Sodomy

Cake and Sodomy

an adam/tommy reclist

(still under construction? always, always)

note: I'm a tad forgetful about putting the rating in there. Most of this is probably NC-17 or R. :)

teamlambliff (membership needed to read some)
(It's better to just JOIN. There be awesome fics in here!)


There's Something to be Said for Inexperience by bones_2_be. NC - 17. Tommy has piercings, and Adam's curious.

In The Blue by janescott NC-17. Adam/Tommy, ~Jon/Tommy. Tommy has to figure shit out. (Notes: Basically, Tommy's journey to becoming Adam's bassist. And eventually how he comes to realize his ~gay.. Also features a jealous!Tommy. Written before the tour so some details are different. By far, one of the best second person POV fics I've ever read!)

But This is Day One by radiogaga33. R. 687 days of Lambliff. (Notes: Band AU. Angst, awesome angst. Adam and Tommy belong to different bands.)

We’re Like How We Were Again by radiogaga33. Reunion porn. (Notes: Adam comes back from some International promo and has some omgsuperhotunf sex with Tommy.)

Meals On Wheels by glitter_vampire. vampire AU. commentfic. (Notes: Tommy is a vampire, and everyone wants a piece of Adam...) Continued here in part 2, part 3, part 4

Subtle Guise by bentrumors. NC-17. Tommy never acts entitled, but Adam wishes he would. (Notes: My favorite pornfairy in TLL.)

It all started with hot coffee... by rae_1985. R. Tommy gets teased because his tongue is sore. (Notes: Super-cute, fun read!)

Dust in the Wind by bones_2_be. Tommy and Adam are clocks. (Notes: Anthropomorphic! OMG. I feel for Adam!clock and Tommy!clock so much!)

Tommy's jealous, Kris isn't, and Adam's happy by bentrumors. R. commenfic. (Notes: Awesomeness.)

Tuesday I'll be Loving You by bentrumors. 5 Vignettes of random nights on the tour. (Notes: Pr0nz!)

Collars Are A Boy's Best Friend by wbaker5286. Collars fascinate Tommy. (Also on teamcockbert: link)

After Wango Tango Comment Fic by bentrumors. commentfic. (Notes: sexy commentporn again...)

Twitter-inspired Porn by bentrumors. commentfic. (Notes: sex. and a camera.)

Untitled Comment fic by bentrumors. commentfic. Adam/Tommy/OFC with a dash of Tommy/OFC. (Notes: UNF)

Not Your Typical Cheerleader by bones_2_be. HS AU in which Tommy is a cheerleader. (Notes: You're gonna like the mental image of Tommy is a short cheerleader skirt. I did, and I've yet to recover...)

Nightingale by glitter_vampire. Prompt: AU Bingo - Future: Dystopia (Notes: Um. I love this setting. There needs to be more sci-fi in this fandom! Haha.)

Run by herlovewasajoke. Tommy's not very good at running. (Notes: Um. Yeah, so author says it's very loosely based on True Blood. WHICH IS FUCKING AWESOME! Loved the dialogue, Adam and basically everything. There needs to be more True Blood-based AUs anyway.)


Somewhere, There is a Diamond in this Coal - parts 1-24 by bones_2_be : NC - 17. AU slave!fic. Adam has a penchant for falling in love with what he can't have. COMPLETE.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
| chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 | chapter 14 | chapter 15 | chapter 16 | chapter 17 |
| chapter 18 | chapter 19 | chapter 20 | chapter 21 | chapter 22 | chapter 23 | chapter 24 |
can also be found as one big post on AO3: LINK

Let Shadows Fall Behind by bones_2_be. NC - 17. American Civil War AU. Adam and Tommy deal with their separation as they fight in the American Civil War.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | WIP/INC

Ghost in the Machine by isolde13. Adam's lonely. Not desperate. Lonely. So he buys a companion; a replicant designed especially to meet one's sexual needs.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
| chapter 10 | WIP/INC

Through a Glass Darkly by janescott. For the teamlambliff AU fic meme. Prompt was: Lambliff!Cat AU. Think Ladyhawke, I want Tommy to be a cat during the day, Adam during the night. Run with it.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | COMPLETE.

INTERLUDE by isolde13. Hurt/Comfort and some really bad things happen to Tommy.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
| chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 | chapter 14 | COMPLETE

Outside TLL/AO3/Atom_fic


Any Given Sunday by qaffangyrl. R. Tommy has an important question for Adam. (TLL post: LINK) and it has a sequel: Monday, Monday by qaffangyrl. TLL post: LINK.

Surface and Symbol by burkesl17 NC-17. The first time Tommy saw Adam he was pretty damn high and was lying upside down on Tracey's sofa... (Notes: Non-AU. Adam and Tommy meet. AMA kiss. Gaga concert. Gridlock.)

Drive-By Devotion by astolat. NC-17. It seemed like a good idea after five martinis in the Wynn high-rollers bar. (Notes: Adam and Tommy accidentally get married. After which they have sex. LOTS of sex.)

Riding by astolat. Adam glanced down, heavy-lidded, and smiled with one side of his mouth. "So," he said softly, "want a ride?". (Notes: UNF. bottom!Adam. And some motorcycle action...) Originally posted on the ai kinkmeme: link

Tomorrow Belongs to Us by magenta / i_bleed_magenta. WWII AU. NC-17. Would throwing it all away be worth it, just for a chance at freedom? (Adam is a Jewish cabaret singer, and Tommy is a soldier.)

Stripper Shoes by linaerys. NC-17. Tommy finds something special in Adam's closet. Total PWP. (Notes: Ahhhh. Tommy's in heels. Adam fucks him, while he is in said heels..)

Show Me Your Teeth by linzeestyle. NC-17. (Notes: SEX. Rough and hot, sex. UNFFFF.)

Aces Take Your Time by i_amthecosmos NC-17. knifeplay. Tommy shows off his toy collection and Adam finds something interesting.

Laces by northern. NC-17. corsetry.
can also be read in AO3: LINK

Staged by ruby_fruit. Shenanigans!

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Take What You Need) by elizabethfaye09. vampire!AU. "To say it's merely for satisfaction is the understatement of the year." (Notes: Um, there's vampire!Adam and Tommy..)
WITH PODFIC read by shiningartifact Runtime: 12m36s: TLL POST and DL link

Time to be Mine by elizabethfaye09. (Sequel to Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Take What You Need))

Coming To and Moving On by luxover. Tommy always used to laugh at people who have a problem with dying. He doesn’t anymore because he’s like, mature and shit, but he just doesn’t get it.

Come On, Walk For Me by linaerys. NC-17. It takes some time for Tommy to get what he wants. (Notes: Tommy wants Adam to fuck him. lol)
can also be read in AO3: LINK

Signs by i_amthecosmos/zillah-slash. warning:!DEATHFIC I see signs now all the time/that you’re not dead or sleeping/I believe in anything that brings you back home to me

SCENIC ROUTE by GYPSY SCRIBBLES/Gypsy Ophelia. Tour!fic. Sometimes you have to take a long journey, to really appreciate the destination. (NOTES: Epic. 26,580 words long and worth reading again and again.)

Eclipse by anathema64. Adam as the sun god and Tommy as the moon god, warring over dominance.

From This Broken Hill by lilymajolis. From this prompt at the teamlambliff AU March ficmeme: Apocalypse AU, doesn't have to be epic, can just be a snippet that shows our dear boys doing what they can to stay alive. Bonus points if Tommy is sick ;-)

Street Candy by GYPSY SCRIBBLES/Gypsy Ophelia. AU where Adam and Tommy meet as young street hustlers. A/N: This fic began as an answer to a prompt at the aianon kinkmeme for a dark AU where Adam and Tommy meet as young street hustlers. So be prepared for possibly triggering themes such as prostitution, dub con, and allusions to violence and past abuse. NC-17.

Goodnight, Glitterbaby by dramady and edonyx. NC-17. Summary: It's not that deep, just what it is and that's all right. Don't make Adam go all fierce on anybody. ZOW.

Cat Fancy by dramady and edonyx. Summary: First, Tommy was a kitten who shredded clothes and ran into things. Then he was a (very cute) boy. Who ran into things. (Notes: Loved this fic! Even if it did make me sad.)

I’ll Always Think of You That Way by GYPSY SCRIBBLES/Gypsy Ophelia. AU. World War 2. NC-17. (Notes: Okay, warfic is one of my faves. I definitely rec this one.)

Fair is Fair by GYPSY SCRIBBLES/Gypsy Ophelia. PG. The boys dabble in Southern culture near a tour stop…also, there are camels! (Notes: omg it's PG! gasp! It's awesome though. Just how I'd imagine Adam and Tommy in a town fair!)

Untitled by GYPSY SCRIBBLES/Gypsy Ophelia. NC-17. For the teamcockbert drabblememe prompt tattoo/piercing parlor, nipples, secret. (Notes: reccing, because OMG Adam's pierced nipples! And Tommy. Gahhh! XD)

Three is (and isn't) a crowd by scribblinlenore. NC-17. Adam gets Tommy laid. Laws of physics are respected. (Notes: OMIGOD. UNF. Threesome.)

The thing is by scribblinlenore. NC-17. After the AMA kiss, Tommy has an identity crisis. Angry sex is the solution. (Notes: Sex.)

Not Complicated by scribblinlenore. NC-17. Tommy's frustrated, and being surrounded by phallic fruit is the last straw. (Notes: .... Sex again? :) Fun, and I love the phallic fruit...)

Turn it up, Heat it up by scribblinlenore. NC-17. Tommy likes to snoop while housesitting. (Notes: I really like this author, okay?! Her stuff is awesome.)

Delaying the Inevitable by scribblinlenore. Adam and Tommy are porn stars, and the rest is just inevitable. (Notes: Epic. They are pornstars!!!!)

Pet Shop Boys by scribblinlenore. They're cats. (Notes: ADORABLE!!!! cat!Adam and cat!Tommy! ♥ )

All That You Can't Leave Behind by dramady and edonyx. AU. Summary: Adam's senior year at Burbank High is a bad one. But things seem to have a way of coming back around. Or at least Tommy Ratliff does. (Notes: What if Adam and Tommy went to the same high school?! Beautifully written.)

Boys of Summer by dramady and edonyx. First love can often be the truest. (Notes: A kind of high school AU, I suppose. A kind of garage band AU too.)

Leila by radiogaga33. PG-13. Warnings: Mpreg. NICU. (Notes: Mpreg. IKR?! Well-written mpreg tho.)

The Breaking Point by radiogaga33. from the PROMPT: Very AU. Adam is the ruler of a violent nation, conquering other lands, leaving a trail of dead in his wake. During surrender negotiations with yet another city's ruler, Adam notices the ruler's son, finds himself taken with him. Suddenly, the new terms of surrender are: the ruler's son will be given to Adam in exchange for Adam to spare the city from complete destruction. The ruler's son, fearing for his city and its people, has no choice but to agree. NC-17. (Notes: A darker take on the prompt The Laws of ILyria was born of.)

Curling irons burn, and so you soothe by neednotwant . Adam tries to curl Tommy's hair... porn happens?

Untitled Lambliff by linzeestyle. Short drabble. (Notes: I liked it so I'm reccing it. Deal.)

Let Your Sweet Thing Sway by cherrybina. Tommy doesn't want to resist this any longer. (Notes: early Adam/Tommy fic, written for queenbitchfest)

Rain Falls by radiogaga33. NC-17. Adam and Tommy have some hot smexing in the RAIN. Just. OMG UNF. Too hot for words.

Faerie Law by maybe77. Thomas makes a choice. Fantasy AU. (Notes: Fairy AU!!!)

Sureties by the_minx_17(or Minxie on AO3). There're a few things that Tommy Joe is sure about in life. (Notes: Tease! Haha. Love the Tommy here. Also on atom_fic: link)

Of Courting and Coaxing by the_minx_17(or Minxie on AO3). Whoever said size doesn't matter wasn't a gay boy trying to talk his way into a virgin ass. (Notes: Yeah, don't tell me that summary didn't ~pique your interest either!)

Made of Gold by by magenta / i_bleed_magenta. When you're the Pharaoh, there is no wanting, only having. (Notes: Adam is a Pharaoh, and Tommy is a ~slave. Yeah, that kind of slave. Our favorite kind of slave!)

the one who’s gonna crash by litsasecret. Originally written for the AIANONLOVEFEST kinkmeme: kinkmemelinkPrompt: Tommy is a guardian angel sent to make sure Adam doesn't do anything stupid, like kiss a boy in front of thousands of fans. He's not really sure why he hasn't been fired yet.. (Notes: Features an angel!Tommy. Adam is well, Adam. There's more replies on the kinkmeme thread, coz it was posted there first, but I put the link to her journal, coz that one's been edited. Enjoy!)

Open Your Eyes by Gypsy_Ophelia. Um yeah, this is some wonderful storytelling. No real summary to give, just saying that it's fucking awesome. And read her author's notes before going forward. This author is fucking awesome. :))

Cake and Sodomy by rivers_bend. Well, there's cake, and sodomy, and schmoop, really. (Notes: Well, Tommy tweeted Time for cake and sodomy10:38 PM Jul 10th via Echofon, and the awesome author wrote her fic. Yeah. Tommy's such an enabler.)


SMILE PRETTY FOR THE DEVIL (series of fics) by edonyx & worlddescending (Notes: One of my personal favorites in the fandom. MUST READ!!:D )
Smile Pretty for the Devil; can also be read in AO3: LINK
A Little Night Music ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
SpinDizzy; can also be read in AO3: LINK
Stuck in a Bunk ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
NYE FYE, baby! ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
Drag You Down With Me ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
Sweet Old Etcetera ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter ; can also be read in AO3: LINK
Fight Fire WIth Fire
Delicious (Tonight We Are)
People Are Strange

For Hire by jeck7 and worlddescending. (f-locked, but you can drop a comment and the author will friend you...) or read in AO3 post. Hooker!AU. 1-8. (Notes: Tommy is a hooker! Gah. One of my very favorite AUs in the fandom.) COMPLETE

THE LAWS OF ILYRIA by radiogaga33. NC-17. Fantasy AU.
Summary: Adam is a conquering king hell-bent on revenge against the ruler who destroyed his life as a child. He ends up taking the ruler’s son, Tommy, as tribute after winning the war between the kingdoms. Events unfold. Chapter 1-18. COMPLETE. (Notes: Perhaps the most well known fic in the entire fandom. Beautiful. JUST GO AND READ IT.)
(or if you're lazy, you can just click on the chapter links right here:)
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
| chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 | chapter 14 | chapter 15 | chapter 16 | chapter 17 |
| Epilogue |

Summary: It’s 1986 and Tommy Ratliff is a hardcore punk troublemaker. He starts bands, starts fights and doesn’t need anyone. That is, until he meets a boy in the drama department who makes him look at himself differently. That’s right, it’s the dreaded high school au, but with an 80’s twist. (Notes: Just... gah. This universe!!! This Adam and Tommy melt my heart. )
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7| chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
| chapter 10 | chapter 11 | chapter 12 | chapter 13 | chapter 14 | chapter 15 | chapter 16 | WIP/INC

WE MIGHT LIVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE bysuciabonita. A series of related vignettes, seen through Tommy’s eyes, chronicling his journey and relationship with Adam. (Notes: Really enjoyed this one!)
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | Epilogue | COMPLETE

THE WAY YOU TOUCHED ME by we-dreamerz. (Notes: The pixie!fic.)
Summary: Adam has just stepped off of the American Idol tour and into the exhausting life of a rock star. It's everything he's always wanted but something is missing. Tommy has dreams; dreams that don't include living the ordinary, boring life laid out for him. But when you're a Pixie, what other choice do you have? They come from different world, but when they touch, the magic is undeniable.
| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8 | chapter 9 |
|chapter 10 | chapter 11 | WIP/INC

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (series of fics) by dramady & edonyx
(Notes: Not that it needs explanation. An Adam/Tommy fandom classic. Zombie!fic. Yeah.)
Until The End of the World
We Are Still Here
Life and What They Know Of It
And So It Goes
Until the End of the World: If the World Should Break in Two


Peeping Tommy COMPLETE. (Notes: Tommy jerks off to Adam. While hiding in a closet. Sounds appropriate... lol.)

The Dotted Line COMPLETE. Prompt: Tommy really needs this gig in Adam's band. He's got a lot of family debts to help pay off and he needs an escape before he succumbs to a world of drugs and darkness. Adam knows all of this and gives Tommy the job even though he'd had a lot of bassists to choose from. In signing the contract, though, Tommy basically has to agree to be Adam's property, allowing Adam to treat him however he wants and use him for whatever he wants. Desperate to help his family, Tommy agrees. [It's not literally in the legal contract, but it's a condition that Adam made very, very clear in his spoken terms before alowing Tommy to sign.]

Golden by isolde13. (continued in the next meme: link) Tommy is a pleasure slave. WIP/INC. (Notes: Kind of dark, I suppose. Seems to be on hold for now.)

Silly Ménage a Trois Part. Adam/Tommy/Brad threesome. COMPLETE.

Strange Relationship. COMPLETE. (Notes: Tommy's got a crush on Adam! lol.)

Breathe Easy. Prompt: adam/tommy breathplay COMPLETE. (Notes: UNF. Not my usual kink but UNF!) ETA: THERE's a sequel! YES! \o/ and they have sex. Haha. Featuring a recluctant!in-denial!Tommy. LINK: Breathe With Me.

Pillow Talk. COMPLETE. (Notes: Omigod. Unprotected sex, and the ~talk afterwards.)

Bring Me To My Knees. Prompt: Monte is called back home for some non angsty reason and Tommy's plays lead guitar. Adam gets so turned on throughout the entire concert that right when it ends he takes Tommy backstage and fucks him (There's also an epilogue: link)

NOTES: The notes are mine. Also, I'm a horrible reccer, I rec everything I like, and I lost a lot of links to the earlier fics from prehistoric Adam/Tommy. (I'm still looking for them). Hope you find these awesome like I did. I'm not too picky, a good story, dialogue, and I'm okay. Also, don't feel hurt if your fic isn't on here, my opinion isn't the only opinion. :))



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You are a lovely rec. I found some great (readable) a/t that I haven't come across before. Thanks for putting the recs all in one place.
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This is too awesome for words.
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Thank you for rec-ing this ;) You don't know how much I adore you for this. You really make my day :3
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